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Limited edition transparent vinyl

1000 numbered copies only

Includes special inserts


New release on the Monster Mélodies label of an unreleased album by Le Grand Nébuleux et ses Laveurs de Conscience.


The group's final production after "Les Pirates du Cortex" released in 1976 on the Hocco Mitu label, this second album by the group, after various team changes over the years, comes from sessions recorded in 1979.


It includes tracks with vocals, which mixes funk jazz and psychedelic rock sounds. The group joins here the universes of Zappa and Gong, while keeping its own originality.

In 1975, Jean-Pierre Gormond (singer), Christian Nys (bassist), Mickey Blow (singer, harmonicist) and Jean-Patrick Rochow (guitarist), living in the suburbs of Paris, on the banks of the Seine & Marne and the Seine St Denis, get together frequently to play music.


Christian and Jean-Pierre are already members of Impact, a group that gained some notoriety in the region before being renamed Amnésie.

Other members join the quartet, Bidou (flute and saxophones) François Abbou (percussionist).


The latter offered in December 1975, to record a demo in a studio located in Yonne, "La Pense Folie" equipped with an 8-track. Thierry Jouberteix, familiar with the place, joins them on keyboards.



After listening to the demo, a friend from the studio, Colin du Liège, decided to produce the group and have it recorded in the same studio, this time equipped with a 16-track Otari.


For the occasion, he invites a brass section made up of three members of Urban Sax: Patrice Quentin/ Alto Sax, Antoine Duvernet/ Tenor Sax, Soprano and Flute, and Gérard Amsellem/ Baritone Sax. Drummer Robert Plisson completes the composition of the group.


« Le Grand Nébuleux et les Laveurs de Consciences » is born.


For the recording during the winter of 1976, Didier Lord (synths) Philippe Gohard (additional guitars) and Patrice Abbaoub (percussions) join.


Five pieces are extracted from it which will constitute the album "Les Pirates du Cortex": Mogwé, Les Pirates du Cortex, Mayday, Manali & Sékou Touré Blues.

The album will be released in 1978 under the label "Hocco Mitu". Le Grand Nébuleux and les Laveurs de Consciences will be one of the first groups to claim the influences of ethno-electric African music (Fela, Don Cherry) and jazz (Miles Davis) mixed with a rock sound.


Many concerts followed in various venues (Campagne première, Palais des Glaces, New Morning Geneva, etc.) and various festivals, including that of St Céré in front of an audience of 12,000 people.

Then, in 1979, the group found itself at Christian Nys, in Tramayes near Mâcon, to record the last pieces played in rehearsal.

Equipped with a 4-track Teac, Christian, over the successive sessions, manages to put on tape a dozen titles testifying to the great creativity of the group.

It is this work that is offered today on this vinyl produced by Monster Mélodies.


For this record, Le Grand Nebuleux consists of:


Thierry Jouberteix / Balafon, Piano, Synthesizer

Jean-Pat Rochow / Guitars, Bass on "Moissons"

Robert Plisson / Drums, Percussion

Christian Nys / Bass, Acoustic Guitar, recording & mixing

Antoine Duvernet / Tenor & Soprano Sax, Flute

Mikel Estrin / Clarinet, Alto Sax

Jean-Pierre Gormond / Vocals

Roland Rover / Drums on "Ton Amour"

Nicolas Houdebine / Flute, Tenor Sax and Occasional Bass


The group, after many team changes, separated in 1981.






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